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Sheerness Dockyard Church Opens As Community Hub

Following a devastating fire, Sheerness Dockyard Church stood derelict for years until the Sheerness Dockyard Church Preservation Trust stepped in with a plan and determination to revive the fortunes of the church…

Working alongside Coniston (who were Principal Contractor), we were able to draw on our expertise to breathe life back into the building.

Amongst a number of projects we dismantled and rebuilt the clock tower, restored and repaired the facade, installed a beautiful new cantilever staircase and re-laid the tiled aisle to great effect.

Displaying some incredible skills, we also re-instated the original Georgian parapet cornice, which we finished with a stucco render

To mark the opening of Sheerness Dockyard Church, we took a moment to speak with SDCPT Chairman Will Palin to understand how the project came to fruition, what was involved and what it brings to the community – take a look!

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