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Our expertise is available for architects, project managers, surveyors and engineers to assist in the identification of causes of failure and the development of repair strategies. We will provide technical and cost advice to match the preferred repair strategy. This ensures that clients are fully appraised of the causes and the extent of failure, and the most appropriate remedial work.


Important investments must be protected. Pollution, poor maintenance and inadequate detailing damage historic facades. Serious costs can be incurred if historic buildings are not adequately maintained. Each project must be individually assessed and craftspeople selected for their particular skills and expertise. All the projects we undertake involve English Heritage and local conservation officers. We are therefore both aware and sensitive to their detailed requirements and our craftspeople trained to repair stonework, brickwork, terracotta, faience and stucco rendering to the standards expected by these authorities.

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Adaptive Re-Use

The adaption of an historic building from one use to another often requires traditional craft skills to extend facades, adapt openings, or carefully dismantle stone and reinstate. The accurate replication of detail and selection of appropriate materials is essential for the successful conversion of a building. At PAYE, we understand the importance of such detail, enabling new work to blend imperceptibly with the original.

Cleaning Historic Facades

There are many different ways to clean a facade, and the method employed will depend upon many factors. The current generation of skilled operatives understands that for most of the last century mistakes were made. This awareness now allows historic facades to be cleaning in a manner sensitive to such considerations. Our skilled operatives have expert working knowledge of a range of modern and traditional techniques and systems including JOS/TORC, DOFF, Therma Tech, masons water clean and natural and chemical based poultices for soiling and paint removal.

We take great care in selecting the most appropriate cleaning method. History has shown that the wrong application can have disastrous effects. We therefore undertake test samples before any work commences. One of our innovations has been to develop a neutral pH poultice which is effective in removing the characteristic organic residue stain that can occur on Portland stone after saturation.

Services - Cleaning - Paye Stonework & Restoration
Services - Contracting - Paye Stonework & Restoration

Principal Contracting

We regularly carry out multi trade contracts as principal contractors for clients who require associated works to be undertaken in conjunction with the façade repairs. Typically this will involve scaffolding, roofing, leadwork, timber and joinery repairs, metal work and decoration to maximise a project’s efficiency to the benefit of the client and the buildings users.