Skills Gap

Inspiring Future Masons!

The Skills Gap

While there is a lot of discussion about how we tackle the skills gap on a national level, one thing we can do as a business is to try and inspire potential stone masons with something more tangible than words.

So we took a proactive approach and spoke with the wonderful people at Leeds Castle and explained that we thought we had an opportunity to engage with local schools and do something practical to help inspire a budding, if unsuspecting, young stone mason to think about a future as a skilled craftsperson.

By working with Leeds Castle, and hosting an ‘Introduction to…’ morning we were able to put what we do in perspective, with our stone masons showcasing their skills and doing so with the most impressive backdrop (and case study) imaginable.

So with a team fully aligned, and intentions clear, we needed a school to engage with… Cue¬†The Lenham School, who sent a group of enthusiastic students to join us to learn about what stone masons do and how they work, and we also gave them the chance to have a go at carving some stone themselves.

It was fantastic to see such positivity and so much promise! It was a great event but don’t take our word for it, take a look at our video and see how it went!

Thanks to everyone involved for making the day so memorable – we will be holding more School Engagement Days, but as a first, this was a wonderful benchmark


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