Façade Restoration



Southampton City Council

Principal Contractor

Paye Stonework and Restoration





The North Wing to the Southampton Civic Centre is a grade II* listed Portland stone structure, supported from an embedded steel frame.  The buildings facades had suffered from ongoing structural problems relating to the corrosion of the steel frame (Regents Street Disease). Corrosion causes the steel to expand and induces stress on the surrounding masonry eventually leading to fractures in the masonry façade.

Paye were appointed Principal Contractor to address the cause of the structural problems and undertake the restoration of the fractured stonework façade. Scaffold was erected to the work areas to fully survey the stonework. Fractured units were identified and marked to form a scope for removal.

Damaged Portland stonework was removed to expose the corrosion of the steel columns. Further areas of stonework were removed to ensure all corrosion was addressed, even where this had not yet fractured. The steel was cleaned to remove corrosion followed by treatment with a preparatory paint system to inhibit further corrosion. New Portland stonework was detailed, suppled and reinstated to match original historic architectural details.

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