English Heritage

Principal Contractor

Paye Stonework and Restoration




Fareham, Hampshire

The site of Portchester Castle situated within the preserved walls of a Roman fort dated around 280 AD.  Upstanding remains include the 12th century keep, Richard II’s palace, the great hall range, great chamber range, east range, gatehouse, and the Church of St Mary.

The conservation repairs included application of systemic herbicide and removal of dead plant matter. Dry bushing and gentle cleaning of stonework to remove loose matter, dust and soiling.

Micro-pinning and lime conservation of spalling and laminated stonework, judicious brick and stone repairs where necessary to decayed walling. Re-pointing, mortar repairs and lime conservation of friable/weathered masonry. Lime grouting of voids and deep pockets in masonry. Structural repairs to ensure ongoing structural integrity.

Removal of cementitious capping from wall tops and recapping with lime mortar/rough racking as appropriate.