Hackney Learning Trust

Principal Contractor

Paye Stonework and Restoration



The Grade II listed Clapton Portico was constructed in 1825 as The London Orphanage.

It was partially demolished in 1975 leaving only an entrance and colonnades.

Paye were awarded the contract to undertake the cleaning and repair work to the Portico and colonnades.

The work consisted of nebulous water cleaning to the Bath Stone and minor areas of poultice cleaning to the previously painted stonework. Decayed stone features were cut back and indented using Stoke ground Bath Stone and the front elevation to the Portico was rendered using ashlar lined lime-based render.

In addition to the above repairs, the corroded steel beams to the colonnades were exposed and treated using the Sacrificial Cathodic Protection system and repaired using lime-based mortars.

Business Development contact

Robert Greer

(+44) 20 8857 9111