Client name

Westminster County Council

Principle contractor

Paye Stonework and Restoration


Leicester Square, London

Dating from the 1900s Shakespeare marble statue and fountain had become soiled and damaged requiring intricate hand carved repairs in new marble carefully sourced to match the original.

As part of the initial works a fully documented series of cleaning trials was undertaken to help establish the most appropriate methodology. Most of the marble was carefully cleaned using the DOFF steam system to remove surface soiling and organic growth. Poultices were also used to help remove or fade out deep seated staining.

Conservation and repair saw the replacement of original Dolphin tails with new subtlety re-designed tails to provide greater durability and stability. Damaged legs, hands and parts of the arms of William Shakespeare’s statue were carefully cut off to be replaced with new hand carved marble replacements replicating the originals in every minute detail.

Business Development contact

David Manktelow

(+44) 20 8857 9111