Waterloo Place – Flambeaux

Waterloo Place together with Regent Street and St James’s form one of London’s most important areas of architectural interest. It was the conception of architect John Nash’s vision for London’s ‘Royal Mile’. The Waterloo Place layout has in essence remained unchanged since the mid 1800’s, its grandeur and symmetry representing the very best in Regency town planning.

Work was completed by PAYE on behalf of The Crown Estate to install an architectural lighting scheme that would enhance the appearance and character of the area during both daylight and night time hours. Examples of similar original ornament can be seen elsewhere on Waterloo Place, St James’s and Pall Mall.

A number of historic lamps, planters and Flambeaux were therefore manufactured and installed along the length of Waterloo Place, requiring careful and sympathetic adaptation of the existing stonework. The overall effect is one that appears balanced and contemporary to the earlier scheme.